WZ28-20 tractor wheel loader mini digger machines

1. Use a central articulated frame, smaller turning radius, flexible, lateral stability is good, is advantageous for the loading operation in the narrow site. 2. Loading device beautiful shape, cab uses large area glass, good daylighting and vision, the driver operation more comfortable. 3. With the gas cap oil pliers disc type foot brake system and external beam hand drum brakes, brake safe and reliable. 4. Adopts hydraulic transmission structure, improve the reliability of the transmission system. 5. Adopts full hydraulic steering, working device hydraulic control. The operation of portable flexible, smooth and reliable action. 6. Based on low voltage wide base off-road tires, driving axle swinging, good cross-country performance and through the performance. 7. To the excavation of lateral sliding device and the excavation scope is bigger, a wider range of application. 8. Adopted 3600 damping suspension type rotating seats, with the armrest and seat belt, improves the comfort and safety of the driver.

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Specification list:

Overall Operating Weight 5500KG
L*W*H 6950×2200×3100mm
Bucket Capacity 1.0m3
Front Loading Lifting Capacity 2000KG
Front Bucket Dumping Height 3300mm
Backhoe Capacity 0.2m3
Backhoe Max. Digging Depth 2600mm
Engine Model YUNNEI YN33GBZ Turbo
Rated Power 65KW
Torque Converter Model YJ265
Tire Model 16/70-20
Reserve the right to change the parameters and design without prior notice.  

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